What is columbarium?

A columbarium is a consecrated burial place, like a cemetery but within a church or church grounds, where the ashes of the dead are interred.

"Columbarium" is a Latin word meaning niche, or recessed compartment; it also refers to a series of such niches where the remains of the dead are placed.

The Church of the Holy Trinity at Forbes Park, has maintained its own columbarium for nearly 50 years - first at its former site in Ermita and now in Makati.

Today many Anglican and Episcopal churches around the world follow the same precedent. In fact, it is an ancient Anglican tradition to bury the dead in hallowed ground around the church, as you can easily see if your visit the beautiful old parish churches in the British Isles or elsewhere in the Anglican/Episcopal communion.

In Death We are in Life

The Bible says "In death we are in life" and we believe that the Church in heaven and on earth is one.

When we worship among beloved dead, we are truly amidst the "communication of saints," the blessed company of the faithful people in this world and the next.

A Preferred Option for Many

In Metro Manila today, the cost of providing permanent rest for our loved ones after death has become prohibitively expensive due to the high cost of land and thus of burial plots in area cemteries.

More and more people in the Philippines are considering cremation and interment in a columbarium as a reverent way to honor the departed. Consecrated interment of ashes is permanent so you can be assured that your loved ones will always rest in holy peace.

Meeting the Need

Responding to this trend, the Church of the Holy Trinity has expanded its former Columbarium in order to accommodate those parishioners who might like to preplan for their families' needs.

We invite you to consider reserving a niche, or as many as you can anticipate needing for your family. Each niche will hold three urns. It is suggested that you make such decisions as part of your overall estate planning.

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